Installation Readiness Guidelines

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This outline should serve as a guide for customers regarding readiness for POS installation. Unless explicitly documented within your Sale Order, network cabling is the sole responsibility of the customer. We suggest the use of a professional electrician or cabling contractor. Poor networking will result in unnecessary POS frustration. This is a critical component in your success.

Building Requirements

  • Network wiring should be available, and terminated at all POS terminal and printer locations. Network wires should be “homerun” back to a central location, near your internet service.

    • Demarcation points, and “punch down” equipment should be properly labeled by their installers for technician use. This is typically done by electricians, or wiring services.

  • Electrical outlets should be available near all POS terminal and printer locations.

  • Building should have permanent electrical service turned on.

  • Internet service should be installed and turned on. This is critical.

  • All table tops, countertops, bar tops, etc. should be installed. Surfaces should be completely sealed, dry, and ready for permanent placement of equipment. 

    • Holes should be drilled in tops where wires need to be run into cabinetry or under a bar for a neat installation.

    • This includes kitchen equipment surfaces (expo lines, service stations requiring kitchen screens, etc.)

    • Kitchens without cooking or refrigeration equipment installed are not ready for installation unless clear diagrams can be provided showing expected clearance, pathways, and locations.

  • Network wiring for wireless access points in the ceiling should be complete and terminated. Installation staff will provide the mounting kits and drill holes in drop ceiling tiles as necessary.

Building Access

  • Technicians will often arrive early and / or leave late depending on the travel requirements. We will do our absolute best to give advance notice if early or late access is required. 

  • If it is a new construction site, coordination with the site supervisor, general contractor, or other key players is a best practice.

  • Depending on the distance from our technicians office, equipment will usually arrive on a pallet a few days before installation. It is the responsibility of the customer to receive and store that pallet in a secure, dry place before installation. 

  • Pallets can be broken down for box storage if necessary, please keep the boxes together as much as possible.


Sites that do not meet the above criteria should be considered not ready for installation and should be delayed. Attempted installations at sites considered not ready will result in some combination of additional customer expense, return trips to complete, or components left incomplete for the customer to finish on their own after our departure.